Children’s Spaces

Apr 25, 2022

Children’s bedrooms are such fun to design. Our aim is to balance between practicality and creative personal touches to create an environment that is both serene for rest as well as being personal and practical.  Here we outline some of our top tips on making our little one’s rooms as perfect as possible.

The first thing we consider when building a concept for a child’s bedroom is how we can maximise the longevity of the design. One of the best tips is to ensure that the room can ‘grow with them’ by providing a neutral foundation. Wardrobes, beds, lighting, and other joinery & upholstery pieces should be timeless in design and colour. Not only do they look great, but can be adapted and easily transformed when the child reaches their next milestone by just changing the cushions, artwork and accessories.  It is with these pieces we also add the pops of colour.

We have been loving the Andrew Martin Designer Wallpaper Collection, and have used it in one of our recent projects. The pictures included show the wallpaper we have used from the collection (Andrew Martin – Ark Parchment) to tie in with the Safari theme that was briefed by the client.   Along with lots of Samuel and Sons brushed fringes and trimmings and a paint colour palette using Farrow and Ball, the perfect look was achieved.

If you have plans to refurbish your child’s bedroom and are feeling a bit lost in the process and need some help, please contact us.

Bathroom inspiration

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in our homes. Therefore, they need to be practical but luxurious, functional but personal.